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Maximize the value of each customer relationship.

By knowing more customers better, brands can make faster decisions that turn data into sales.

Obstacles Facing Brands Today

Organizations have unlimited data but struggle with accessing that data and uncovering the insights hidden within. This leads to blind spots about where the brand is winning and losing with customers.

Gaining Access

Data exists everywhere but accessing it is a challenge.

Limited Visibility

Disconnected data sources make it difficult to understand customer behavior.

High Churn Rates

One size fits all approach to marketing doesn't keep customers engaged.

Fleeting Loyalty

Ever-changing competitive environment impacts even the best customers.

Real Solutions to Real Problems

By integrating your data sources with our 3rd party Consumer Intellibase, brands get a single view of their customers and their behaviors.

Data-driven decisions lead to more opportunities being realized faster, resulting in more sales.

More marketable Customers

By combing our data with yours we identify 2x the number of marketable customers.

Actionable Insights

Real-time advanced analytics identify opportunities that you can act on.

Targeting Segments

Execute targeted campaigns based on customer behaviors.

Higher Retention Rates

Smarter marketing approaches improves customer experiences.

Improved ROI

Know the incremental sales associated with your marketing initiative.

Real Results

"If we weren’t able to work with DataDelivers I wouldn’t be able to do my job. I would seriously have to quit and go somewhere else because it is impossible to replace what you all do for us! "
Energy Client
“If you haven’t bought a kids meal from us, then we should not be sending you messaging about kids’ meals. The identification of these customers has been possible through the business insight and data integration capability with DataDelivers. With every campaign we are turning more customers into fans and significantly growing our loyalty program.”
Adam Golomb - Primanti Bros.
“Data Delivers provides us with an invaluable depth of wisdom about our business and the powerful tools that we need to be competitive. This partnership is continuing to exceed my expectations.”
Lindsay Eichten - TGI Friday's
“Personalization is no longer a nice to have option, it’s a necessity. Personalization is now an expected experience, and it not only builds on the emotional connection between our consumer and our brands, but it also increases the chance that the customer will become a repeat buyer. We have just scratched the surface when it comes to fully understanding and integrating our data, but we’re really excited about the results so far and know it will have long-term value,”
Identify non-loyalty members
Courtney Maxedon - Kahala Brands Inc.
Digital Marketing
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About Us

For more than 20 years, DataDelivers has helped brands market smarter to improve customer experiences. Clients use our data-driven tools to drive acquisition, retention, and lifetime customer value. We believe we can improve the lives of your customers by providing better understanding and clarity of data.

Imagine if your business knew what it doesn't.

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