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DataDelivers Welcomes Jeremy Rahn as the New Director of Data Governance, IT, and Security Operations Team

DataDelivers Welcomes Jeremy Rahn as the New Director of Data Governance, IT, and Security Operations Team
October 5, 2023

DataDelivers, a leading marketing technology firm, announces the appointment of Jeremy Rahn as the company’s Director of Data Governance, IT, and Security Operations Team. In this strategic leadership role, Jeremy Rahn will play a pivotal part in enhancing DataDelivers’ technical infrastructure, data governance, and security measures, ensuring the company continues to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations.

“At DataDelivers, we understand the critical importance of data security, governance, and IT infrastructure in delivering high-quality services to our clients,” said Joel Schiltz, CEO of DataDelivers. “Jeremy’s appointment as the Director of Data Governance, IT, and Security Operations Team underscores our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in these areas. His extensive experience and expertise will be instrumental in helping us further elevate our data management and security capabilities, which will ultimately benefit our clients by ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data.”

Jeremy Rahn joins DataDelivers with more than 15 years of experience in managing infrastructure, and developing cybersecurity teams and service desks, as well as a profound commitment to data security and privacy.

“This role represents a noble endeavor, as ensuring data protection is true to my heart from personal experience. I am drawn to security not just for its technical aspects but because I understand the impact it has on people’s everyday lives. Making sure our client’s data is protected is our top priority to ensure they have only positive experiences with DataDelivers,” said Jeremy Rahn.

In this role, Jeremy Rahn is responsible for aligning technical priorities with key business objectives and providing strategic direction for various technical aspects crucial to the company’s operations. He will also serve as the Information Security Director for DataDelivers.

“Security is often overlooked and sometimes assumed, but now, privacy and governance have become inseparable from protection, even though they are distinct concepts,” Jeremy Rahn emphasizes.

For DataDelivers’ clients, Jeremy Rahn’s appointment translates to another layer of due diligence. He notes, “DataDelivers was already doing an excellent job, and now having a security director puts a laser focus on the data coming in and making sure there are safeguards in place to protect our clients. It means having more eyes on the processes and someone dedicated to finding better ways every day to enhance data protection.”

Rahn points out that the most significant risks to protecting data often stem from the social engineering aspect of data security—the human element.

“While firewalls and technology are crucial, they can be rendered ineffective if someone opens a destructive email,” he added.  “This underscores the importance of addressing the human element—those seemingly harmless actions like clicking on one email or answering one phone call at the wrong time.”

DataDelivers’ approach is comprehensive, encompassing training programs, a two-pronged focus on technology and the human element, meticulous data flow mapping, and regular application of security updates or patches. “We are focused on addressing the less obvious vulnerabilities and ensuring we have the proper tools in place to maintain security. This includes not only software updates but also robust data backup measures,” Rahn explains.

Jeremy Rahn’s appointment reflects DataDelivers’ dedication to providing cutting-edge data solutions while prioritizing data protection and security. Under Jeremy’s leadership, DataDelivers is poised to continue its growth and deliver even greater value to its clients.

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