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Leveraging Customer Data in the Restaurant Industry

Leveraging Customer Data in the Restaurant Industry
May 7, 2024

In an era where data reigns supreme, restaurants are increasingly turning to sophisticated analytics to drive their business decisions. “DataDelivers,” an enlightening episode from the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast, dives deep into the integral role of data in the restaurant industry. Hosted by Jeremy Julian, this episode brings together insights from Pat Riley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DataDelivers, and Adam Golomb, CEO of Primanti Brothers, to discuss the transformative power of data analytics.

Understanding and Utilizing Data

Pat Riley opens up about DataDelivers’ mission: aiding restaurant brands, especially in organizing the overwhelming data surrounding them, drawing insights from it, and ultimately, leveraging it to alter customer behavior and monetize effectively. Data analytics, as discussed, is not just about understanding existing customers but also about identifying potential ones from mere fragments of data across various systems.

Adam Golomb shares how embracing data has been pivotal for Primanti Brothers, a brand with a legacy spanning over 91 years. Despite its age, the brand remains at the forefront of using data to remain relevant and competitive. With an emphasis on staying true to their identity while employing data-driven strategies behind the scenes, Primanti Brothers represents a blend of tradition and innovation.

The Essence of Customer-Centric Data Strategies

The conversation sheds light on the importance of understanding customer data beyond surface-level interactions. One significant takeaway is the notion that every sale or visit comes from an individual person. Identifying why sales fluctuate means understanding the changing behaviors and preferences of customers. Recognizing the patterns in customer data, whether it’s related to the timing of visits or preferences for menu items, can uncover actionable insights for improving operations and targeting marketing efforts more effectively.

Moreover, the discussion around third-party data illustrates the potential of enriching customer profiles with additional information, thereby opening doors to communicate with a broader audience effectively.

The Real-World Impact of Data-Driven Decisions

Using data to make targeted decisions can significantly affect customer retention and acquisition. For instance, understanding that direct marketing efforts could quadruple the likelihood of a customer’s return highlights the potential of tailored messaging. This echoes Adam’s strategy at Primanti Brothers, where data is not merely collected but actively used to enhance customer experiences and drive sales.

The Future of Analytics in Restaurants

The podcast episode concludes with reflections on the industry’s current state and the potentials of analytics. Both speakers acknowledge the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in tapping into the wealth of data available. From analyzing competitor performance to understanding economic impacts on dining trends, the scope of analytics in shaping the future of restaurants is vast and varied.

Conclusion: Data as the New Frontier

In the competitive and ever-evolving restaurant industry, data analytics emerges as the new frontier for growth. “DataDelivers” captures the essence of this transformation, offering valuable insights into leveraging customer data for strategic decision-making. As the industry moves forward, embracing data fully will undoubtedly be key to staying relevant, understanding customer needs, and driving success in the culinary world.

Listeners can catch more insightful discussions like this on the Restaurant Technology Guys podcast, available on various platforms. For those interested in delving into the world of data analytics and its impact on the restaurant industry, this episode serves as a compelling starting point.

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