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DataDelivers Achieves Remarkable Milestones in 2023, Eyes Continued Growth in 2024

DataDelivers Achieves Remarkable Milestones in 2023, Eyes Continued Growth in 2024
February 29, 2024

Marketing Technology Firm Delivered Incremental sales of $110M for Their Clients

Schaumburg, IL  (  DataDelivers, a leading provider of data-driven marketing solutions, has reported impressive achievements for the fiscal year 2023, highlighted by substantial increases in customer engagement and revenue generation for its clients.

In 2023, the company was able to identify and market to more than 41 million previously unknown guests for its clients, marking a significant expansion of their reach. Subsequently, through strategic marketing initiatives, DataDelivers drove more than 8.5 million incremental visits, and incremental sales of $110 million for their portfolio of clients.

Client Revenue Grows with DataDelivers’ Strategic Marketing

With a focus on leveraging data insights to drive targeted marketing strategies, DataDelivers has emerged as a pivotal player in helping restaurant and service businesses to identify and engage with previously unknown customer segments.

“Most brands are not able to market to their customer base beyond their eclub or loyalty program.  With the DataDelivers proprietary technology, we are able to identify and market to a new channel of previously anonymous, unmarketable customers.  Not surprisingly, when we do this, our clients have seen consistent increases in traffic and sales,” said Pat Riley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DataDelivers.

Proven Satisfaction with DataDelivers’ Approach

Joel Schiltz, CEO of DataDelivers, expressed enthusiasm about the results achieved in 2023. “We are excited about the positive trajectory of our business and the tangible impact we are making for our clients,” said Schiltz. “There is a sea change in the industry where businesses are recognizing that customer data is an asset to be managed and leveraged, like supply chain or labor.  Our value is in helping clients optimize this asset in a disciplined, strategic approach, and doing so at scale without adding a lot of operational costs to the business.”

For one client in particular, DataDelivers drove incremental revenue for the brand of more than $6 million at a 14:1 return rate on marketing spend.

“Our clients like the rigorous statistical analysis and experimental testing that we do and have a high confidence in our methodology.  By holding out control groups, clients can clearly see the efficacy of their marketing efforts,” Schiltz explained.

DataDelivers grew its own client base by a remarkable 60% in 2023, underscoring the growing demand for their innovative solutions that drive sales and traffic. At the same time, the company also achieved an impressive client retention rate of 94%, indicative of the high level of satisfaction and value delivered to its clientele.

Schiltz also highlighted the importance of integrating with more Point of Sale (POS) and other key tech vendors in 2023, emphasizing the value this brings to DataDelivers’ clients. “By expanding our integrations with now more than 10 POS suppliers including Toast, NCR, and Qu, we enhance our ability to deliver seamless, data-driven marketing solutions that drive real business outcomes for our clients,” he explained.

DataDelivers Confident in 2024 Outlook

Looking ahead to 2024, Schiltz added “We are confident in our ability to sustain this momentum for our own growth and that of our clients.   By treating customer data as a valuable asset and leveraging data insights to drive business strategies, we believe we can significantly impact our clients’ bottom line.”

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