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DataDelivers Tapped by Five Restaurant Brands to Drive Customer Growth and Sales Expansion

DataDelivers Tapped by Five Restaurant Brands to Drive Customer Growth and Sales Expansion
September 13, 2023

Industry leading brands include Bruster’s Ice Cream, Charley’s Philly Steaks, Kahala Brands, and Mambo Seafood and PJ Whelihan’s Pub and Restaurant, which are part of the Authentic Restaurant Brands Portfolio

“We are excited to collaborate with these forward-thinking restaurants and assist them in deploying the potential of customer data to fuel their growth,” Pat Riley, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DataDelivers. “Our data-driven solutions will enable these brands to not only identify untapped customer segments but also to fine-tune their retention efforts and implement targeted marketing campaigns. By leveraging the power of data, these restaurants can position themselves for sustained success in a competitive market.”

Kahala Brands has leveraged DataDelivers analytics to increase customer engagement for its Cold Stone Creamery brand. Now Kahala will add DataDelivers to the marketing tech stack for three more brands in its portfolio.

“DataDelivers has been an important partner, enabling us to unearth vital insights about our customers and customer behavior so we can become more personalized and strategic within our marketing and operational initiatives,” said Courtney Maxedon, Vice President of Interactive Marketing at Kahala Brands. “Partnering with DataDelivers has been such a pivotal step in our digital journey and we are planning on extending the partnership to three more concepts within the Kahala portfolio of brands.”

By collaborating with DataDelivers, these brands are poised to revolutionize customer engagement strategies, amplify customer bases, and ultimately bolster revenue streams through the utilization of cutting-edge data analytics techniques. DataDelivers is set to empower these restaurants to make informed decisions that enhance customer interactions, foster targeted marketing campaigns, and drive substantial business growth.

For each of these brands, DataDelivers harnesses their own data and combines it with a powerful proprietary third-party database to equip restaurant brands with powerful insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and trends. By delving deep into complex data sets and leveraging advanced analytics methodologies, DataDelivers aims to refine customer segmentation, improve acquisition strategies, and enhance customer retention initiatives. These data-driven approaches are expected to not only elevate customer experiences but also propel these restaurants toward long-term sustainability and increased profitability.

For Bruster’s, Charley’s and the other companies, DataDelivers will provide tailored solutions to address their unique business challenges and opportunities. The advanced analytics techniques, predictive modeling, and personalized communication strategies offered by DataDelivers are expected to create meaningful customer experiences that resonate with diners to drive traffic and sales.

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